Portable Pilot Units

Portable Pilot Units are made up of three main components. A software package to display electronic charts and information gained from the sensor, a sensor unit (often referred to as a PPU but it's useless without the other components), and a computer to house the software. Early PPU's were large and heavy units, often requiring their own brief case and a second pilot, but with the advent of tablet technology a complete PPU setup can now weigh as little as a couple of kgs.


Portable Pilot recommends ORCA G-2 as the choice software for your pilotage organisation. The software is extremely easy to use, designed for one man (pilot) operation, it is the most ECDIS like PPU product that Portable Pilot has seen on the market. ORCA G-2 works with a variety of sensors, meaning that within a large organisation, you can still have cm accuracy sensors for large or complex manoeuvres, but for the majority of movements a much smaller (and economical) sensor can be employed. ORCA G-2 is designed to incorporate live data feeds from AIS aerials and tide gauges to give the user as much information as possible in a user friendly display. Turbo charge the effectiveness of the PPU by having tailor made bathymetric ENCs produced of your district. Trial ORCA G-2 software and see the benefits for yourself.

AIS Service

Portable Pilot can offer the pilot organisation a comprehensive AIS coverage service, Fleet & Port Watch, including full area coverage for a pilotage district, worldwide coverage using satellite AIS tracking, fleet tracking and management, alarm areas (ship passes pilot station or enters restricted area etc.). Backup of AIS data for your district can be stored with our playback service, and when used in conjunction with ORCA G-2, incidents (or extraordinary pilotage acts) can be played back from the perspective of each ship, assisting harbour masters in their investigations, and also for the training of future pilots. Trial our AIS service.

Sensors and Computer equipment

Sensors provide the PPU with the information required to display information including the ships position, heading, course over ground, speed over ground, and information about other ships in the vicinity. There is a wide range of sensors available to suit all budgets, ranging from basic Bluetooth pilot plug transmitters, to independent units capable of operating without any input from the ships own sensors. A range of laptop or tablet options, including user friendly touch screen technology can be employed for your PPU solution. Portable Pilot will work hard to ensure you get the right system at the right price.

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